Animation & Staking.

Why should I be interested in an animations series, not a kid anymore.

Animation Series

Neckless Neighbors is building a brand for itself, and giving you individual rights to the characters you own. Which means any commercial use of these characters will be paying off a royalty to the holder, meaning if we use your neighbor for our series we pay you a nominal fee for it.

The plan will be to produce short animation series with our neighbors, which will be entertaining to watch. The animation will be a throwback to the good old Cartoon Network days.

Since the future of Web3 needs to have more than just music and games.


Let those NFT's sear, the more they sear, the more they reward.

$NNT will be a utility based token that would help holders to utilize it within our community to reap it's potential benefits. Unless otherwise partnered with new projects, using our token for their community.

Newer $NN tokens will come only through staking a neighbor will earn 1.5 $NNT for staking at staking platform. There are additional multipliers based on the rarity of the Neighbor.

Total Supply

Starting Supply: 0

Maximum Supply: 25.000.000

12.500.000 to be released before staking and the rest after to be held for infusing into the ecosystem towards circulating the tokens.

Two halving events to take place, that is TBD.

$NNT Earning Rate

The rate at which each neighbor earns his $NN tokens per day are as follow:

Common Neighbor

1.5 $NNT

Rare Neighbor

3 $NNT

Legendary Neighbor

6 $NNT

Uncommon Neighbor

2 $NNT

Ultra rare Neighbor

4.5 $NNT

Benefits of $NN token

Earn passive income

Buy raffle tickets

Bid in auction

Buy customized merchandise

Buy IRL services

Buy in-game upgrades

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