Money Matters.

How we plan to distribute a % between our holders, through various strategies, rather than one stream.


We'll be curating a strategy to keep track of sales being done on any trading platforms mostly through Magic Eden 🪄

The structure of payouts are as follows:

  • List a neighbor for 1SOL & receive 1% of the royalty once sold.

  • List a neighbor for 50SOL & receive 50% of the royalty once sold.

  • List a neighbor for 69SOL & receive a 69... Umm no, not that ;)


The passive stream is straight forward, and contains affiliate marketing strategy which gives a kick back to our neighbors.

A fixed percentage hasn't been penned yet, as our ambassador will be doing personal advertisement for the brand but ~10% of the monthly sales is a tentative plan.

Intellectual Property.

The project will also serve as a PFP project giving all the holders individuals rights to use their "Neighbor", not literally please. Please understand that use of the Neighbor commercially by anyone other than yourself should be paying a % royalty to the holder.


You're investing 1SOL into us, we're planning to invest that into a business hence the Virtual Shark Tank Concept.

Will we invest 1SOL in a business? NO, what lol. Of course not. The team strongly believes in the motto "unity is strength" hence when SOLD OUT, enough capital would've been raised to invest in a startup business so the neighbors savor the result of the seed planted and a portion distributed amongst our holders annually/monthly.

The investment is dependent on complete SELL OUT

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