Luxury Brand

It's all about the drip.

Merch Luxury Streetwear

We don't want to give our holders plain old boring merch with a logo. Come On. Who'd want to buy that. Instead we've already been working on the coolest, dopiest, luxury streetwear line, followed up with a brand.

One thing we know about the web3 space, and it's that no one's a computer geek living in basic black and white era with t-shirts. No reference to Mark Zuckerberg.


Models are ready, Videographers are ready, Producers are ready. What are we waiting for?

From our past experience in producing test samples for major brands, we are well informed that rushing into this process is not for the best. Hence, the process needs to take it's course as it requires upfront capital to be designed and produced with obviously trial and errors. What looks good in a mockup might not look good when produced. We'll need to perfect it, as it's going to be tailored with a luxury branding.

But more importantly, Our Ambassador will be introducing the brand to her following of millions and has actively been sponsored for brands like Dior, Gucci, Supreme & many more.

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